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For Children

At Wooddale Academy, we recognize that each child has a unique developmental timetable as well as learning style.  Through activities carefully designed and facilitated by skilled teachers, children learn and discover through observation, hands-on exploration, and peer interaction-what we commonly refer to as play.

A Typical Day at Wooddale Academy

Arrival:  The staff greets children as they enter the classroom and exchange written or verbal communication with the parents, as necessary.  Children are encouraged to hang up coats and put their school bag in its place.

Fine-Motor Activities: The children are encouraged to work independently or in small groups with such materials as puzzles, pegboards, blocks, manipulatives, clay, writing utensils and sensory tables.

Learning Centers: Children move from center to center, interacting freely with the various environments.  The centers are changed to encourage interest and exploration.  Learning centers can include, but are not limited to dramatic play, woodworking, science, language arts, free art, manipulatives, book centers and writing tables.

Large-Muscle Activities: Three areas of our building are designated for large motor activity.  The outdoor playground provides ample opportunity to run, climb, slide and explore the other outdoor equipment when the weather permits.  Our large-muscle room holds climbers, mini-trampolines, seesaws, balance beams and other large equipment that is rotated weekly.  A full-sized gymnasium provides a very inviting atmosphere for selected games, relays, basketball, volleyball, and scooters, parachute play and an endless array of other activities.

Circle Time: The children gather in a circle at the beginning and end of each school day.  Teachers use this time to reinforce the theme-based curriculum using a variety of methods.  They may share news, explore the world of print through the telling, listening and writing of stories, enjoy rhymes and fingerplays, discuss weather and calendar activities, and plan and review the events of the day.

Creative Art: Activities are carefully planned to promote individual creative expression while focusing on small motor skills.  A large variety of materials including paper, scissors, glue, and other recycled materials are available to children for their own exploration at all times.

Devotions:  Children are invited to participate in any combination of a Bible story, verse memorization, songs containing Biblical truths and short prayers, as part of a devotional time. Special event puppet shows introduce Biblical concepts through age-appropriate song and story.

Snack:  Teachers use this opportunity to develop language and social development in a relaxed environment while children are eating.  Healthy nutrition is encouraged and children are invited to join in the preparation of food items whenever possible.

Music:  Children develop large and small muscle coordination and rhythm by singing, playing instruments, and using materials such as scarves and streamers with music A music teacher comes once a month to enhance and provide additional enrichment to our music program.

Clean-up:  The children assist in picking up toys, organizing materials, and maintaining the classroom appearance, thus developing cooperation and a sense of pride in their classroom.

Hands on experiences:  Children participate in concrete experiences, often in small groups, such as cooking, science experiments and math manipulatives.  Teachers introduce vocabulary, encourage language development and provide opportunities for problem solving through well planned lessons and everyday conversations with the children.

Self -help skills: Children are encouraged to try things on their own before teachers intervene.  Children learn to put on their own jackets, hang up and find their own school bags, and use their vocabulary to communicate with classmates and teachers.

Special Events: An annual calendar is provided at the beginning of each school year.  Special events such as fieldtrips, programs, an open house, in house events, and more happen throughout the year.  Parents and other special adults are invited to join us specifically at these times as well as during any other school day.