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About Us

Wooddale Preschool was formed in 1970 to serve the community and its families.  At Wooddale, parents find a caring Christian environment to enhance their children’s emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual growth.

It is a place where children can feel secure while developing confidence, self-esteem and the skills necessary to get them ready for Kindergarten. Wooddale Preschool provides a balanced program of creative play, structured learning time, and physical activity.  Through exploration and discovery, the children learn from each other and from the guidance of skilled, dedicated teachers. Wooddale Preschool is licensed for 120 children at any time by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and complies with their standards as well as being accredited with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  Questions regarding licensing can be directed to the licensing division of the Department of Human Services, 651-296-3971.

We are licensed to meet the needs of children ages 3-5.  The preschool classroom ratios are 1 to 10.  Children must be three by September 1 and toilet trained without the use of pull-ups to enroll.  We welcome children of any race, creed or religious affiliation.  We will enroll special needs children if we can safely and adequately meet the child’s needs through an individually developed care plan stipulated by Rule 3.

Statement of Christian Values

Wooddale Preschool is a Christian school affiliated with Wooddale Church. The teaching staff of the school strives to teach the values of the Christian faith to the children through guided conversation, spontaneous teachable moments, Bible stories and songs. The teachers pray with the children and model Christian attitudes and outlooks in their daily classroom activities. We believe the young child is a special gift from God and it is a privilege to be part of the forming and shaping of these delicate lives. At Wooddale Preschool we take this responsibility seriously as we work to guide the child and introduce him/her to the world in ways that he/she will understand.

Wooddale Preschool is devoted to serving children and their parents. The staff seeks to lend a listening ear to parents about the needs of their children. The school invites parents to drop in and visit their child’s classroom at any time.

Wooddale Preschool strives to enhance the child’s development by providing opportunities for children to grow in the following areas:

Spiritual: We seek to share God’s love for them through the introduction of Biblical truths.

Physical: We seek to provide a variety of indoor and outdoor environments equipped to help in the development of the child’s large and small muscle skills.

Social: We seek to offer each child opportunities to develop a good self image, to respect and care for our surroundings, and develop skills to communicate with each other.

Emotional: We seek to help develop appropriate emotional outlets for children as they work and play together in a loving environment.

Cognitive: We seek to expand areas of knowledge by providing developmentally appropriate activities, encouraging language, thinking and problem solving skills, and enjoying creative expression through music and art.